BLUSHBEAN s The Best Beans

Blushbean is manufacture, roasted, researched and developed in China Shenzhen. We work with Coffee Manors from all around the world and brings in the best raw beans together. Our goal is to promote the coffee culture into China, and bring the rest of the world the best coffee from China. We are willing to break all the old rules, through looking into different types of ethical background and lifestyles making changes step by step, we would try out anything new in order to achieve creating a totally different coffee culture in China, making Blushbean the ultimate international Coffee brand.


We have the best Chief Coffee Roaster, with more than 10 Years of experience, certified by Probat. And the best Q-Grader Team being in quality control of our production. We have The best Coffee Roaster machine, Probat from Germany, And we are the one and only around Shenzhen Area to have The Drip Coffee Packaging machine from Fuso Japan. Our Factory is also certificated to manufacture, import and export of food products too.

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